Customer Testimonials

The following testimonials are genuine comments from pupils and are reproduced in full and unedited.

“ Heidi is such a patient instructor with great knowledge and has a calm attitude to her teaching. I'm really glad I booked a lesson with her when I did. Thank you for everything ”


“ Thank you so much for teaching me, I’ve really enjoyed your lessons. You are a wonderful instructor, I’ve learnt so much and I can’t thank you enough. ”


“ Heidi is an amazing driving instructor and just what you’re looking for. I have dyspraxia and dyslexia, and she gave me the confidence in my abilities and was calming and extremely helpful. I had many times when I felt I would fail or had a bad day and Heidi made do something else and keep up my confidence and show I can do it. I can’t recommend her highly enough, she really makes you look forward to your next lesson! Thank you Heidi ”


“ I am a 61 year old woman who hadn’t driven for over 30 years! Having recently retired and moved away from my local area this was going to be a problem – until I spoke to Heidi. Initially I booked one session thinking that I would probably be too nervous to do anymore. Little did I know! Heidi was very calm and supportive throughout and made me feel that this was something I could do. I had several sessions with her covering general driving, parking methods and eventually the dual carriageway and motorways. I had never driven on a motorway in my previous short time as a driver so this was quite an adventure! I loved driving so much that I bought my first ever car and now drive all over the local area but even better can go up and down the motorway to visit family and friends in my previous locality. Thank you so much Heidi, I have a new found confidence and independence and am thoroughly enjoying my retirement ”


“ I'd like to say a huge thank you to Heidi, she is calm, encouraging, positive, patient and a lovely person. And thanks to her I passed first time, skills I will now have for the rest of my life! I would recommend her to anyone. ”


“ I would like to say a massive thank you to Heidi. Not only was she patient and calm, she made me feel very relaxed and was incredibly easy to talk to and understand. She has been brilliant to learn with - can’t believe I passed the theory and practical first time and the website helped me so much with my theory. To anybody looking for an excellent instructor, I would thoroughly recommend Heidi, I have loved every minute of learning with her! ”


“ Once again thanks for being such a great instructor, you really gave me the confidence to carry on when I was so close to giving up! The friendly, relaxed environment and your constructive advice and consistent encouragement were invaluable. I would certainly recommend you to anyone, even the most nervous of pupils out there! ”


“ After being let down by a previous instructor my confidence was in bits and I felt rubbish about driving. I got in touch with Heidi after finding her website and I've never looked back! The lessons were relaxed and Heidi always had a laid back approach which made it easier for me to ask questions and made me feel more confident about my driving. I've now passed my test, I'm so thankful for all the help Heidi has given me and she has taught me a lot! I would recommend her to anyone! ”